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Since 1921, Tnemec Company, Inc has been the leading innovator in protective coating systems.  Tnemec has sustained its pioneering heritage in the development of high performance coatings that revolutionize the markets their introduced to.  Whether the project calls for coatings with superior abrasion, color and gloss retention, chemical and corrosion resistance to interior linings, seamless resinous flooring and walls systems or fluid-applied thermal insulation.  


Unparalleled research & development, exhaustive testing and decades of time tested performance have proven the exceptional durability of Tnemec coatings.  These engineered products represent the most advanced chemistry in fluoropolymer, polyurethane, epoxy, alkyd and acrylic fluid-applied coatings.


Tnemec’s product line is supported by outstanding technical support provided by highly knowledgeable coating consultants. Expert assistance with specifications, coating selection, performance data and application information is available through Coating Resources.


A complete line of interior and exterior architectural coating solutions for protection from corrosion, impact and abrasion, all while beautifying and preserving architectural designs for years to come.


A broad spectrum of industrial coatings for everything from petrochemical processing to power generation and pulp and paper mills.

Water Storage Tanks

Of the more than one million water storage tanks in America, three of every four utilize Tnemec protective coatings.

Water & Wastewater Processing

Tnemec has developed high-performance water treatment plant coatings that defend treatment facilities against corrosion. Collection systems, digesters, clarifiers, headworks and secondary containment units are just a few of the applications ideal for Tnemec’s durable and high-performance water treatment plant coatings.

For generations, lead-based paint has been used extensively for coating bridges, water towers, tanks and residential/commercial buildings. Over the years, the leaded waste from manufacturing facilities has leached into the soil and contaminated the surrounding areas.

With the recognition of the hazards of lead bearing waste and the government mandate that lead bearing waste be removed from and disposed of in an environmentally safe manner, hci chemtec was at the forefront of a new industry of lead abatement.

Whatever your need ... Enviro-Prep® System has a lead paint abatement technology to fit your project.

Enviro-Prep® Premium

There's no question that the removal of Lead containing materials is a serious issue. But, until now, the options for doing it haven't always been easy and reliable. That has all changed with the Enviro-Prep System®. It's the stable, long-term solution that is cost-effective, protects the environment and has less risk of liability. 

Enviro-Prep® 1Step

Enviro-Prep® 1Step uses a patented treatment chemistry that converts lead to a highly insoluble inorganic compound. The treated material remains stable under all “real world” and standard laboratory leaching tests. 

Enviro-Prep® Chemical Stripper

Removal of leaded paints with paint strippers will create sediment that may contain lead that leaches in excess of the RCRA toxicity characteristic (5.0 mg/L) defining it as hazardous waste and the expense of removal and disposal associated with it. Lead has been identified in structural steel, bridges, light poles, heavy equipment, storage tanks, water towers, concrete, asphalt, ship/platforms and industrial structures. 


  • We are an independent manufacturers' representative agency specializing in protective coatings for municipal, industrial and specialty architectural applications.


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